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This server finds homologous protein structures for amino acid sequences by using a BLAST search into the PDB database . Specified amino acids of the sequences are located within the homologous structures and their structural properties are displayed as the query output. For a more detailed description of the algorithm, see the information page. Only FASTA formatted protein sequences are currently accepted.

1. Enter Input Sequences

Use asterisks ("*") within the sequences to mark the positions of interest in each sequence. Try an example sequence.

Enter or paste protein sequences in FASTA format:

Alternatively, upload a FASTA file (max 2.5MB):

2. Select Query Parameters

Sequence position markers:

Amino acids to include:


Structural information to include in the output:

3. Submit Query
Structuremapper ver 1.0a

The algorithms used by StructureMapper Online are also available as a standalone Python scripts. For more information, see the download page. If you find the server or the algorithms useful, please cite our work.

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